Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a viable solution to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. A Dental Bridge is a fixed (meaning not removable by you and is cemented in place) restoration that is designed to fill gaps for one or more missing teeth. Dental Bridges can be made from gold, metal alloys, porcelain, ceramics or a combination of these things. Dr. Kumar at Avon Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can discuss your needs for a dental bridge as a solution for patients with missing teeth. There are many types of dental bridges; Dr. Kumar will assess your oral health, listen to your goals and help you select the best treatment for your long term dental health and well being. There are several advantages of dental bridges:

  • Replace missing teeth for chewing and restoring function
  • Aesthetically replace missing front teeth when implant cannot be placed due to insufficient bone
  • Keep adjacent and opposing teeth from shifting
  • Restore anchoring teeth if decayed of cracked
  • Prevent future teeth loss
  • Assist in clear speech and boost confidance

Frequently asked questions about Dental Bridge?

How many appointments are required to make a dental bridge?

The first appointment usually involves a consultation with Dr. Kumar to determine whether a bridge is a good treatment choice for you. This process may involve taking X-rays to determine tooth health and bone support for adjacent teeth. A thorough gum evaluation is also performed so make sure that adjacent teeth can support the load for missing tooth. After a treatment plan is made, the process of getting a bridge usually takes two visits. If it is a long span (more than 2 or more missing teeth), an additional appointment may be necessary. In the first visit, the adjacent teeth are reshaped and a shade for the bridge is selected. An impression is taken and sent to the lab for fabrication of final bridge. A temporary bridge is usually made and cemented at first visit. At the second visit (usually two to three weeks later), the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is cemented in.

How Long to Dental Bridges Last for?

With proper maintenance and regular dental visits along with excellent home care, Dental Bridges can last in excess of 5-15 years. Every situation is different and if results may be compromised, you will informed and consented during treatment planning phase.

Will my dental insurance pay for a dental bridge?

Every dental insurance plan is different and our insurance co-coordinator will work with you to determine your plan specific benefits available for dental bridges. Dental bridges usually come under the category of major dental services. You may call your dental insurance and find out what is the coverage for major dental services like dental bridges under your plan. You may be responsible for a policy deductible as well.

How do I take care of my dental bridge?

Bridges require some additional care over and above good brushing and flossing like your natural teeth. The most difficult part of maintaining a bridge is to adapt floss underneath the ‘false’ tooth in order to keep the area clean under missing tooth. Dr. Kumar and our dental hygienist will assist you with this. We may recommend using additional cleaning measures under the bridge for your specific situation. Also, you should continue to maintain your oral hygiene visits to maintain your dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Vs Dental Implant

Dental Bridge Alternative


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