Hard Tissue Laser

High Tech Lasers Replace Dental Drills

For many people going to the dentist can be a scary experience. The American Dental Association estimates that 50% of the adult population does not get regular dental care. The main reason? They are afraid it will hurt. And up until the last few years they would probably be right.

But all that has changed

A major advancement that is helping change people’s minds about dentistry is the laser – specifically the WaterLase (R).

Lasers have been part of dentistry for many years but they were primarily used for curing fillings or minor gum surgeries. Only recently has FDA approved the use of a hard tissue (i.e., teeth) laser that can actually remove decay, perform delicate gum surgeries and in some cases even do root canals – all with little or no pain.

This means no shots and no drills

Dr. Kumar, who has a private dental practice in Avon, CT, carries out Hard Tissue Laser treatments using WaterLase. It has totally changed the dental landscape. We can now treat people who have been so fearful that they have put off going to the dentist for many years.

The WaterLase’s secret is the wavelength of light that charges tiny water droplets which then cleanse the teeth without the heat and vibration of the traditional dental drill. “It’s a bit like pressure washing your house,” says Dr. Kumar. The decay is washed away without having to remove healthy tooth structure and in most cases there’s no need for a shot.

Are there other benefits to WaterLase? Dr. Kumar says there are many. “The Laser actually bathes the tooth in analgesia which desensitizes it while at the same time completely sterilizing the area where the decay once was. This means there is far less chance of decay setting in underneath the filling, which also reduces the chances of the patient ever needing a root canal.”

“What’s more! There’s also no high pitched whine, like there is with a drill. Patients love that!”

In fact the only sound the Water Laser makes is a light popping. It sounds like someone is making popcorn.

By eliminating or minimizing the need for anesthesia a busy person can get dental treatment done in fewer visits and be able to speak and eat immediately after treatment. The laser can also be used for gum treatments and surgeries, where it can markedly speed healing time and cause less discomfort.

“Our patients love the laser for many reasons,” says Dr. Kumar, “but it’s especially great for children. Imagine – now we can have a whole new generation of kids who will never grow up fearing the dentist.”

For more information on laser treatments in dentistry call our office 860-674-0707 or write to us at info@dentistinavonct.com



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