Dealing with Dental Emergencies


Emergency Tips: Here are some things you can do, in addition to calling us right away, if you find you’re in an emergency.

What happens if your teenager gets his or her tooth knocked out during a sporting event? And it’s on a weekend? What do you do if you or your spouse suddenly experiences a very painful toothache?

 Tooth pain:

For mild tooth pain take Tylenol (if you are not allergic to it.) For more severe pain you can apply ice 10-20 minutes every hour.

Sore on gums or inside cheek:

You can place a temporary “band aid” over the sore area with Orajel® or other products available at most any drug store.

Bleeding after an extraction:

Take a thick gauze pad and apply it over the area with strong pressure. You can also soak a tea bag in water then place it over the area for 30 to 60 minutes.

 Fractured or dislocated jaw:

This is where you need to get to a hospital emergency room right away. Don’t try to move your jaw!

Chipped tooth:

Take some candle wax and place it over the damaged tooth. If there are any pieces of the tooth available, place them into a cup of milk and bring them in with you. Get here as soon as you can.

Knocked out tooth:

If possible, place the tooth back where it came from and hold it there while you get yourself transported to our office. If for some reason you can’t hold the tooth in place, put it in a cup of milk and get to see us as soon as possible. It’s important that you don’t touch the tooth root with your fingers.


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